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Product Class: Bird scare tape

A5u30 series :bird repellent belt, bird frighten belt,flashing bird prevent belt, red- silver slanted bar bird repellent belt, customized 

Item No.:BST002

"In producing":our factory always has materials of this series product and we can meet customers requirement.


color: red, red-silver slanted bar, yellow-silver slanted bar,etc

customize with stock material: MOQ: 5 item(1800 rolls), deliver in 7 days;

100% customize: MOQ: 50 item(18000 rolls), deliver in 25 days.

Please contact our customer service before making order, so that we can confirm the quantity and color of materials in stock.

PS: 1 item=1 CTN(360/270/180 rolls). Above price is for per roll. 





 bird repellent belt, bird frighten belt,flashing bird prevent belt, red- silver slanted bar bird   repellent belt, customized , bird scare tape ,roll shape, no adhesive


 VMPET, pure red on the front and pure silver on the back.  color customized


 24mm*100M; 20mm*100M; 12mm*100M; thickness: 0.030mm


 red-white stripe +" DANGER DO NOT ENTER " 1 side printed


 24mm:180rolls/ CTN; 20mm: 270rolls/CTN; 12mm: 360rolls/ CTN. Craft paper box, package   customized 


 0.232-0.557$/ roll, it depends on product size, better price for over 50 CTN


 Material in stock: 5CTN, totally customized: 50CTN. It depends on material, size, thickness,   printing, produce process.


 safety warning, construction warning, crime scene warning, roadblock warning


 1.please show us the exactly material size,thickness ,printing Qty,etc. Or provide   original product.

 2.Please understand that we are a factory and its hard to run machine 

 for Small Qty.

 3.contact:Mr.Huang: WeChat: 13680289458

 E-mail: Jumbo@china9ter.com      QQ:2048606640


1.DURABLE & WEATHERPROOF: the thickest and most durable bird repellent tape can stand up to wind, rain, snow and sun.

2.VERSATILE: Scare tape can be attached hung to fences, windows, railings, rooftops, treesany other areas you need to protect.

3.NON-TOXIC: Bird scare tape creates sound and reflects light to scare woodpeckers, crows, pigeons, seagulls, grackles, sparrows, starlings and other pest birds.
Keep your garden, patio and other areas clean and chemical-free by using bird scare ribbon tapes.

4.HUMANE: Birds are confused and deterred by flashing and shimmering holographic,

iridescent ribbon.

5.How it works: The combination of sound, generated by the tape blowing in the wind, and the flickering light that comes off the reflective surface is designed for scaring the birdsanimals without harm.



Order Notice:


     1.  Most tapes are produced after clients order except some stocks. Please tell us the material, size , thickness , Packing and Quantity when you inquire.




    2.  MOQ:1000 rolls /color , it depends on the size and color .  MOQ is necessary , because we are a factory not a distributor.


   3.  we also have some stocks of popular color for small quantity trial order .  




   4.  Price:our price is normal & reasonable price , we don’t do recycle material,don’t reduce the thickness and shorten the length.  Reliable products is our first choice . 







           Our gardening tape styles are as follow

               (over 50 CTN could be customized)

1. Plain color PVC  ribbon, forest, garden, nursery garden, plant marking tape




 2.    nursery plant supportable green  strapping tape


3. garden, nursery bird scare tape      

4.grafting film, nursery film



      In order to meet customers temporary demand of small quantity LCL, our factory has a small amount of stock for the above products. For those who purchase by FCL, click the above  picture to reach the detailed purchase page, you can place orders directly and deliver goods within one week.    less than a ctn, pls click this link:https://gameipacks.taobao.com/


    PS:please call us if u want to purchase over 1000rollsboth sides printingother customized picrures, and we will give u better price! 




quality gurranty:



    our factory is an export-oriented manufacturer, 90% of our products exported,  our quality guarantee rules: 


        1. quality problem 3-5% : negotiated .  


        2. problem 5-10%:  double compensation of quality problem goods.


        3. quality problem more than 10%:  Goods free changed。 




Make sure to finish the inspection within 30 days after goods arrival.      






       product delivery: 

   working plant

warning tape 2




  1.Professional:   we are the only real factory of flagging tape and barrier tape in Guangdong. We focus on non-adhesive tapes produce, 90% of product is export.


  2.Good service: Inquiry will be replied within 24 hours. Salesman contact with you is factory owner and will not be changed for ever.

  3.High quality:our tape rolls is very tidy, with good material and enough length. Boss is international salesman, understand the quality importance best.

  4.Located in Guangdong, which is the original place of China plastic and most skillful workers stay there, so best quality in Guangdong.


   5.Small quantity acceptable:We have some storage of popular colors to meet clients small trial order. 1 carton is OK, of course, price will be a little high.

   6. Price:Our price will be normal and reasonable, we don’t attend the price war, and don’t reduce the thickness and shorten the length. Quality and maintain each client is our first choice. 




   Jumbo Huang     

   E-mail (Linkedin)jumbo@china9ter.com         

   Skype: hjb826




















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